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            20150625_072826           PO - 4503434501 - 8 & 14 inch nrs progress pictures - 021312 424

As described in our catalog, Pima Valve can and does much more than supply ‘off-the-shelf’ products. Sometimes our customers ask for valves that are unique and specific to an application. More often than not we can meet those needs.

Take for example this 6-inch aluminum-bronze gate valve as shown in the first photo.  Our customer asked us to build this based upon some unique and challenging requirements – one of them being a need for deep trench burial.  The solution was to provide for an adjustable extended stem and floor stand with added features to protect the inner workings of the valve from the large volume of dirt and tundra.

The second photo depicts a more modest entrenched valve but with a post and indicator per the requirements of one of our customers. It also features adjustable height configurations.

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